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    This collection consists of many of the enchanting masks created by Prof. Agostino Dessė that have been gathered going back to 1973 up until today. The creation of these masks have been inspired for theatre, for the Carnival of Venice and for cinema.

    In 1984, some of these masks were created for actor Peter Makal of the Makal City Theatre of Stuttgart. In 1987, other masks were brought to life for the film "La Maschera" starring Helena Bonham Carter.

    Prof. Agostino Dessė' aim of his public show is to achieve his dream in exhibiting his masks, revealing and sharing his passion of his magnificent craftwork to the world.

 This collection has already been exposed in many different countries, some of which are:  

    With much pleasure on both sides, it has been approximately a year that Prof. Dessė's daughter, Alice, has taken over organizing her father's exhibitions and of the stages that welcome them abroad.

    In the year 2000, upon the Italian Institute of Culture of Vancouver's invite, Alice presented her father's art by holding one-month courses and organizing expositions at the Italian Institute as well as the Langley Centennial Museum of Vancouver, Canada.

    If you would like to organize an exposition or a stage production in your city please contact us and we will send you all the required information. If instead you are already part of an organization, if you work in the theatre, in a school or in a museum and you would like to organize Prof. Dessė's exposition, this collection is available for touring exhibitions.


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